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You take pride in your appearance. This starts with hair, clothes and the everyday choices. It’s accentuated by having great skin.  Each of our products is specifically developed from the best ingredients to soothe, nourish and/or protect the skin, particularly as you pass 40 and up!. They are boosted with purifying and hydrating botanicals, renowned for their beneficial skin care properties. The formulations are mildly scented with essential oils carefully put together to be better than the sum of their parts. Forget the mass-market, greasy, generic products.

Take HEED of your appearance

All HEED products are also effective on face and neck,
as well as being applicable through thinning hair and closely shaved heads.


Cleansing is the vital starting point to better skin. Gentle cleansing will purify the skin and readies it for hydration and moisturising.


Active ingredients like vitamins help to hydrate the skin replenish moisture, soothe and help sustain skin for optimal health and appearance.


The ravages of modern life; pollution and working environments as well as the dangers of over exposure to UVA and UVB sunlight make care and the protection of the head a very important part of your daily routine.

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Cleansing Head Wash

Cleansing is the vital starting point to better skin. HEED Cleansing Head Wash is a gentle, soothing cleanser based on aloe vera and witch hazel with added skin nourishing vitamins C and B3. It cleanses without stripping the natural oils and helps to rejuvenate the skin in preparation for further treatments.


Light Hydrating Serum

Following cleansing, HEED Light Hydrating Serum hydrates the skin and can help calm minor skin irritations. It penetrates the skin to give strength and firmness and is a formidable aid to fighting the ravages of daily life on your skin


Light Daily Moisturiser

Easily absorbed and containing vitamins B and E to hydrate scalp skin and help protect from the harmful effects of pollution. Cools, tones and balances the skin.


Rich Daily Moisturiser

Boosted with both panthanol and hyaluronic acid to help repair tired and damaged skin HEED Rich Nourishing Moisturiser replaces firmness and strength to encourage smooth, flawless, hydrated skin.

Cleanse • Nourish • Protect

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