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by in Health Tips 27th March 2020

It’s important to know what we are putting onto our skin and even more important when this is on our head. All our products are full of ingredients that would help nourish your scalp, face and neck. What are these ingredients and what benefits will they have in your skincare? We’ve identified the main ingredients and their benefits here for you.

D- Panthenol – Provitamin B5:

Can be found in our light hydrating serum, light daily moisturiser and the rich nourishing moisturiser. This beneficial ingredient helps to reduce the amount of water lost throughout the skin to soften and soothe, keeping the skin healthy.

Vitamin E:

Daily our skin goes through a lot, weather its UV light, smoke and air pollution.  Vitamin E naturally works to neutralize all the environment stressors to help protect your skin. Vitamin E can be found within the light daily moisturiser and helps greatly with skin repair. Whilst protecting the skin it also reduces the amount of water lost through your skin to sooth and soften the skin. Who wouldn’t want that in their skincare regime?


Within our rich moisturiser and light hydrating serum you will find glycerine. Glycerine is gentle on the skin and attracts moisture, these gentle and moisturising properties make it a perfect ingredient for helping to look after your skin daily.

Aloe Vera:

Due to the high-water content this ingredient is hydrating, soothing and cooling, making this perfect for post head shave to relieve any skin irritation.  Aloe vera is within our light hydrating serum and cleansing head wash which we highly recommend these products as part of your routine. The benefits speak for themselves.

Witch Hazel:

With properties that help reduce skin irritation and aims to alleviate scalp sensitivity its clear to see why we include witch hazel in our head cleansing head wash.

All HEED products work perfectly in individually but for best results use follow our full regime. Take a look at our products here.



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