Buddhism & Baldness

by in Health Tips 22nd September 2020

Some may only ever think of baldness through the modern lens, but baldness has been important throughout history to many different cultures! Historically, it has been associated with sacred religious practices, one notable example is Buddhism.

Buddhist monks shave their heads to symbolise their journey to enlightenment by distancing themselves from the material world and all of its distractions. It’s a required step in becoming a monk; one that proves their devotion to the faith. In sacred texts Buddha wrote, he laid out some strict rules on hair care, which involved no hair at all! That’s right, the Buddha himself was a huge advocate for baldness. It’s said that he reached enlightenment after he ran away from his life as a prince, leaving his high social class behind. One of the most important gestures he made during this process was cutting his hair, which officially detached himself from his material roots.

While we’re not suggesting you necessarily pack up to go live a life of solitude in the mountains, there is a lot to learn from Buddhist simplicity when it comes to baldness. Without hair to worry about, a person can focus on what really matters: nurturing self-confidence and happiness and taking care of the ones they love. Embracing baldness regardless of how others think, is an act of self-acceptance that will result in personal development which will resonates throughout your life!

Of course, this simplicity is only possible if you develop an effective skincare routine. Constantly worrying about which products to use or experiencing the side effects of poor scalp health really distracts from a sense enlightenment.

By introducing a simple but effective scalp skincare routine, you can reap the benefits of a worry free and hair free life!

Our mantra is: cleanse, nourish and protect your beautiful bald head.

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