Benefits of Baldness

by in Beauty Products, Health Tips 10th September 2020

benefits of being bald

At Heed Skincare for Heads, we firmly believe that bald is beautiful!  However, besides looking great and feeling amazing, there are many other surprising advantages to baldness.  Here’s an inside scoop on some that you may not know!

Vitamin D On Bald Heads
According to ‘New Scientist’, baldness may give you an evolutionary advantage when it comes to soaking up those rays! Unprotected by a mop of hair, bald heads easily absorb Vitamin D from the sun, which can fight off illness associated with low levels of the vitamin.
Of course, this also means you have to protect your head from getting too much sunshine by using moisturiser from our skincare range and our recommended sunscreen product! A well cared for head is one that is perfectly positioned to get the most out of being outside and enjoying what life has to offer.

Going full bald shows confidence
A survey conducted by Social Psychological and Personality Science found that bald men are rated much more dominant and agreeable than their hairy headed counterparts. If the images were paired with phrases like “comb over” versus “bald” the perceptions of the men were overwhelmingly more positive if they were under the bald category. This just goes to show that embracing baldness is the way to go. The confidence you exude when you walk into a room with your head held high and being proudly bald will do you far more favours than if you shy away from it.

Baldness may help you in business
If you’re an entrepreneur, we have some good news. An article in the Wall Street Journal suggests that baldness can actually give you a leg up in business! As discussed above, baldness in men has been shown to result in people perceiving them as more mature, dominant, and possibly even more of a leader. These are all traits that may help you get that promotion you’re looking for! Another study suggested that male pattern baldness signals maturity and gravitas. So next time you’re in a big meeting or pitching an idea, remember that your bald head is on your side.

In summary
Now that we’ve discussed some upsides to being bald, it’s important to recognise that taking care of your skin is key to reaping the benefits of baldness. Our cleanse, nourish, and protect regime will have you feeling smooth and confident in no time!


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