Happy To Be Bald

Bald doesn’t need a “cure”, bald is wonderful, and yet, it seemed that the only products available for bald people were negative and unnecessary.

Never the less, as a bald person of many years I understand how bald heads do need looking after and protecting since they are so exposed to the elements, to pollution, and the ravages of modern day life. Nothing was available to help. I decided it was high time bald heads were treated with dignity, care and understanding. They needed looking after, we needed looking after…we needed some decent products to help us look after our heads.

A background of dealing and working with fine wines and with a number of accolades for wine tasting and knowledge, I figured these talents could be useful in understanding blending processes and of balancing aromas to make great products for bald heads.

Martin Schwaller

Certainly I wanted the smell of the skin products not to be heavy “manly” ones but rather have delicacy and subtlety. That was key, but also key was to develop products that actually help with the look of bald and the care of bald and the protection of bald.  I set out to find products that might help and drew a blank. I did however discover a genuine need for skin preparations for bald heads that were of the highest quality and efficacy.

Teaming up with specialist labs and manufacturers we set about gaining a deep understanding of the particular needs of bald head skin to start to build a range of skin care products that truly benefit bald heads. Researching ingredients: essential oils, vitamins, base preparations and blends that benefit bald heads became a passion and many prototype products were developed, adjusted, discarded and built up again.

The following products are offered without reservation. We understand the challenges and the joys of being bald. Our products are designed to meet those challenges and celebrate the best of baldness. 

Martin Schwaller,
HEED Skincare Creator