Buddhism & Baldness

by in Health Tips 22nd September 2020

Some may only ever think of baldness through the modern lens, but baldness has been important throughout history to many different cultures! Historically, it has been associated with sacred religious practices, one notable example is Buddhism. Buddhist monks shave their heads to symbolise their journey to enlightenment by distancing themselves from the material world and […]

Benefits of Baldness

by in Beauty Products, Health Tips 10th September 2020

At Heed Skincare for Heads, we firmly believe that bald is beautiful!  However, besides looking great and feeling amazing, there are many other surprising advantages to baldness.  Here’s an inside scoop on some that you may not know! Vitamin D On Bald Heads According to ‘New Scientist’, baldness may give you an evolutionary advantage when […]

We are all about the benefits

by in Health Tips 27th March 2020

It’s important to know what we are putting onto our skin and even more important when this is on our head. All our products are full of ingredients that would help nourish your scalp, face and neck. What are these ingredients and what benefits will they have in your skincare? We’ve identified the main ingredients […]