Talking Heed – What’s in a name?

by in Bald News 23rd October 2020

HEED /hiːd/ To heed something is to listen to it, pay careful attention to it, or otherwise observe or acknowledge it in some way—and often to take action on it. … Heed can also be used as a noun meaning careful attention or observation. HEED Skincare for Heads is a small creative independent business standing […]

What Causes Baldness?

by in Bald News 28th September 2020

You’re standing in front of the mirror trying to figure out why your hairline is retreating. Is it job stress? Your child pulling on your locks to wake you up every morning? Possibly, but evidence suggests it’s more to do with your genes. Hair loss affects both sexes: 50% of males and 25% of females […]

How To Embrace Baldness

by in Bald News 10th September 2020

Here at HEED we understand that not everyone has a sense of exuberance about their hairless bonce.  However, we get it…We’ve been there… We’ve got the t-shirt! Now we want all our fellow baldies to feel great about their appearance and feel confident on the inside as well as the outside. We say…“Never bend your head, always […]

The Sweet Smell of Success

by in Bald News 7th November 2019

Martin Schwaller, the man behind HEED, has an interesting background, and one wouldn’t automatically involve him in the beauty industry, but when we share with you the reason why, it starts to make sense. Martin is an experienced sommelier. What is a sommelier, we hear you ask? Someone who is an expert in wine, and […]

Planning a charity head shave?

by in Bald News 13th September 2019

More and more people are shaving their heads. Whether it’s or aesthetic reasons, or because they’re taking control of their hair loss. Or some are shaving for charity. Macmillan have a fundraising opportunity called Brave The Shave, where people shave their heads and get sponsored for this! Macmillan support those living with cancer, and a […]

The Bald Revolutionary’s Guide

by in Bald News 14th August 2019

Philip Mercier (1689/91-1760): ”A SCENE FROM THE CARELESS HUSBAND” (1738) In this scene from the popular 18th century play, Sir Charles Easy is found by his wife in a compromising situation with a maid. However, instead of being angry, Lady Easy worries that her husband may catch cold and gently covers his bare head. His […]