The Sweet Smell of Success

by 7th November 2019

Martin Schwaller, the man behind HEED, has an interesting background, and one wouldn’t automatically involve him in the beauty industry, but when we share with you the reason why, it starts to make sense.

Martin is an experienced sommelier. What is a sommelier, we hear you ask? Someone who is an expert in wine, and to be an expert in wine, you need to have a great nose for distinctive smells.

Martin said, “at  wine tasting events, it is frowned upon for guests to wear strong smelling aftershaves or deodorants because the smells detract from the nose of the wines .” The smell of wine is one of the most important parts of the experience and good wines are full of a complex layering of aromas that work perfectly in harmony with each other.

On a personal note, Martin was beginning to gradually lose his hair and became aware that there was nothing on the market aimed at helping keep bald heads nourished and looked after and, that often men’s personal care products are crudely scented and often poor at what they claim to do. Finding good products for men was very difficult, especially for bald heads.

This led Martin to spend time using his expertise to develop HEED. Products that are;

  1. a great moisturising product especially for bald men and
  2. had a great natural smell. One where the aromas from the essential oils are balanced, in harmony and appealing to both men and women.

He decided to invest his time and energy in developing a brand that he would love to wear, working closely with an innovative development company over months, HEED was born.

And the rest (as they say) is history

Our Top 10 Favourite Bald Characters From Popular Culture!

by 25th September 2019

Here at HEED we’re all about celebrating the bald!

There’s no shame in being bald, we’re proud of it, we love our bald heads and we want our message of bald is great to become a movement!
For some fun, we’ve put together a top list of our top 10 fictional baldies, and a little bit about why we love them! Do you agree? Or have we missed someone big? Let us know in the comments!

Captain Jean Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation, played by Patrick Stewart

Our local actor Patrick Stewart is one of the most iconic bald actors, and is bald in almost every role he has played. But Captain (“make it so”) Picard is our favourite. Captain of the Starship Enterprise in the series for The Next Generation from 1987 – 1994.

Sir Patrick often talks about how he is ‘not the most conventional leading man’ because he has no hair. He did in fact film the pilot for The Next Generation with a hair piece! But the show’s creators decided against it, and decided that Jean-Luc is to be bald, and quite right too.


Uncle Fester, The Addams Family, played by Christopher Lloyd

He’s creepy and he’s kooky, but we all love him, Uncle Fester! Since the 1960’s there have been several iterations of our favourite spooky family, with a new film coming out in 2019! The family have been a cult classic, and usually someone will dress up as an Addams for Halloween.




Furiosa, Max Mad: Fury Road, played by Charlize Theron

In the new Mad Max franchise, Charlize Theron plays Furiosa, an absolute bad ass, with a shaved head and bionic arm. Seeing a strong female lead with a shaved head inspired girls to shave their head, and showed that you don’t have to have long luscious locks to be the female lead in Hollywood, and won the Oscar for Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling in 2016!





King Mongkut of Siam, The King And I, played by Yul Brynner

He’s stubborn, but he gets there in the end with a little help from Deborah Kerr and some cheesy Rogers and Hammerstein songs!




Doctor Evil, Austin Powers trilogy, played by Mike Myers

A cult character in the 90’s and 00’s, when so many of us were doing our best Doctor Evil impression. A homage to James Bond villain Blofeld, we owe the attire and humour with Doctor Evil.





Count Orlok, Nosferatu, played by Max Schreck

Iconic, cult and the first and best ever vampire, you may not know the name, but we’re sure you’ll know the face of the Count. He inspired the looks of iterations of vampires to come, and as the film is in black and white, his bright bald head is a shining beacon for bald icons! (albeit he drinks human blood…)




Okoye, Black Panther, played by Danai Gurira

Okoye and the Wakanda warriors from Marvel’s Black Panther are the female worriers who protect the king. They are all bald, with tribal tattoos on their skin, and the film as a whole inspired many people, but in particular, young girls that they too can be warriors!




Nebula, The Guardians of the Galaxy & Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers:Endgame, played by Karen Gillan

Blue headed Nebula has become integral to the Avengers storyline in Marvel, and another one who shaved her hair for real, Scottish actor Karen revealed her newly shaved head at a panel at San Diego Comic Con to much excitement and praise.




Statler and Woldorf, The Muppets

They may be grumpy old men, but there’s something endearing about Statler and Woldorf. Often the voice of criticism and heckling they’re two of the most iconic muppets characters there are! And we’re sure that they would love the HEED products on their felty bald heads!



Ripley, Alien Trilogy, played by Sigourney Weaver

Another absolute bad ass, Ripley from the Alien series, in particular Alien 3 from 1992 when on the prison planet her head is shaved. We love Ripley, another great female character paving the way for bald women!

Why Are More Women Choosing To Go Bald?

by 25th September 2019

We’re not about stereotyping here at HEED, however when someone mentions the word ‘bald’, most people would assume it’s a male they’re talking about.

And the word ‘bald’ For some very odd reason sometimes has negative connotations.

But now, people are embracing the bald, and more and more people are choosing to shave.

And whilst many men are shaving their heads and are proud to be  bald, now many women are shaving their heads too!

It can be a liberating experience for someone to shave their head, and there are many reasons as to why more and more women are shaving their heads! (here’s just a few!)

It’s easy to look after.

Hair is quite high maintenance, it requires washing, drying, styling, colouring, brushing. And many women who have chosen to shave their head have loved the fact that it’s so easy to get ready. It saves so much time when getting ready if all you have to do is apply some product to your head.

Being inspired by popular culture.

There are many female characters in popular culture who have inspired women to shave their heads, including Charlize Theron as Furiosa in Mad Max, Fury Road, Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in Alien 3, Millie Bobbie Brown as Eleven from Stranger Things and Sade with her sophisticated smooth soul funk jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms.

To raise money for charity.

There are many ways to raise money for charity, but a common way to raise money for especially cancer charities is to shave your head! To raise awareness of the effects of chemo drugs, (which a common effect is hair loss) many are getting sponsored to have their head shaved.

In a previous blog, we spoke to Jesse Stott, who did just that! Read it here

To be super stylish.

Bald is beautiful, we believe it, and so do others. Some women shave their heads for aesthetics and fashion reasons! Simple as.

To take control of hair loss.

There are many reasons why someone’s hair might become thing, or fall out. Some women decide to take control of the hair loss, and decide to shave before their hair fully falls out. It could be stress, or alopecia, or the effects of chemo drugs, but for whatever the reason, women are choosing to shave it all off.

Once you’re bald, you need to take care of the skin.

Just like you take care of the skin on your face, the skin on the scalp needs tending to.

At HEED our skincare range is designed especially for the skin on the top of the head, it cleanses, nourishes and protects the skin helping it stay smooth and supple. You can see out products here

Whatever your reason for shaving, we hope you LOVE being bald!


Planning a charity head shave?

by 13th September 2019

More and more people are shaving their heads. Whether it’s or aesthetic reasons, or because they’re taking control of their hair loss. Or some are shaving for charity.

Macmillan have a fundraising opportunity called Brave The Shave, where people shave their heads and get sponsored for this! Macmillan support those living with cancer, and a common effect of cancer treatment is hair loss. We at HEED are also wanting to help make a difference to those, so we regularly donate to Cancer Research UK.

In this blog, we’re delighted to talk to Jesse Stott, Business Centre Co-Ordinator at the University Business Centre in Halifax, who recently did a charity head shave, and loves her new do!

Why did you decide to do a charity head shave?
I saw it online one day (Brave The Shave) and Macmillan had been AMAZING with some of my close family and friends.  It also seemed like a quick and easy way to pay back, so to speak.  Every now and again I take on big challenges, and it was just time.  I signed up and then began telling people and they all thought I was crazy, so I did get a tad nervous then but ended up just thinking ‘sod it’ and focussing on how nice it would feel in summertime on holidays (it felt ACE).

Do you like having a shaved head? Has it been a surprise or do you want your hair to grow back?
I am so surprised – I LOVE IT! I’m no supermodel but I am lucky enough to be confident in myself, and if anything, sporting a shaved head for Macmillan actually made me feel MORE confident – less compromised in a way. I’ve never been very good at ‘having’ or ‘doing’ hair so I am seriously thinking about keeping my head shaved and investing in a couple of wild ‘special occasion’ wigs.

Have you noticed anything with the quality of skin on your head? Have you just kept using shampoo or have you done anything differently to your skincare routine?
I previously would get light flaking and sores on my head especially when stressed.  I was worried that these would show but luckily, they haven’t and if anything the condition of the skin on my head is better, and even my facial complexion too.  Previously I had shoulder length very fine hair which needed washing daily and thus blow drying etc – was such a faff.  And if one day was a bad hair day it would really really affect my mood.  Now there are only good head/hair days and the rest is up to me and my face – it’s so so liberating.  Also – I can now get ready to go out in 10mins, whereas previously it was a slog every morning, so I’m even getting more sleep in.

Do you have any tips for others who are thinking of shaving their heads?
DO IT!!  Tell people you’re going to do it, and if possible do it for a cause.  You’ll open up so many conversations with people and will realise that it’s an honour to have the choice to shave your head so DO IT, ENJOY IT, ROCK IT!!!


We have a few tips of our own when it comes to shaving your head for charity, and the aftercare for your skin.

Do some research about it all!
It can be quite daunting, especially if you have long hair to begin with, so do some research about it. How will your hair look after 2 weeks or regrowth? How about a month? Talk to others who have done it! If you’re unsure about showing off your bald head, or hair regrowth, why not rock a headscarf? A jaunty hat? A wig? (as realistic or as crazy as you dare!)

No regrets!
Write a mantra, remind yourself why you took the plunge and shaved. Was it to raise money for charity? Was it to have a new look? Being bald is wonderful, and soon you’ll embrace the bald, just like Jesse did!

Take care of your scalp
Well, as a skincare for bald head range, we’re going to say this.
But it’s true! Your scalp skin is thinner than your other skin, and if it’s newly exposed to the elements and pollution, it will become dry, maybe flaky, and it will not look good. So, just like your face, you need to use skincare for your scalp! Our range of skincare for bald heads is perfect, with a cleansing head wash, nourishing serum and protecting moisturisers we’ve got your head care sorted! You can see them here

Well done if you are planning to do it, and we hope you can raise a fantastic amount of money for a great cause!
And remember to embrace the bald!

4 Steps to good looking bald heads with our Skincare for Bald Heads Range

by 3rd September 2019

Did you know that the hair on your head acts like cat’s whiskers? It creates this air of sensitivity, so you know when to duck if there is a particularly low door you have to walk through. When you’re bald, you don’t have these sensors, so we’re more prone to bumping our heads! Which is why our heads need taking care of with skincare and moisturisers for bald heads.

At HEED we’re NOT hair regrowth.

We’re NOT hair loss prevention.

We ARE skincare for bald heads, especially made to help nourish the skin on your head. Whether you are bald, shaven or thinning, we are here to embrace your bald, and help you have great skin.

Have you ever used skincare for your face? Any washes? Moisturiser? Yes?

Then if you have used it on your face, then why not skincare for bald heads?

The skin on your head is thinner, more delicate than other skin on your body. Your hair is there to protect it. But when you have little or no hair to protect it, then it’s exposed to the harsh weather, the sun, and pollution.

There are three steps to having a beautifully nourished scalp in our bald skincare regime.

You may have heard about the traditional ‘Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise’

Ours is ‘Cleanse. Nourish. Protect.’

Step one is cleanse. Cleansing is the vital starting point to better skin. Gentle cleansing will purify the skin and readies it for hydration and moisturising. The HEED Cleansing Face Wash is a gentle, soothing cleanser based on Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel with added skin nourishing vitamins C and B3. It cleanses without stripping the natural oils and helps to rejuvenate the skin in preparation for further treatments.

Step two is nourish. Next is our Light Hydrating Serum, which hydrates the skin and can help calm minor skin irritations with its Vitamin B5. It can improve the skin’s hydration, elasticity and smooth appearance. If you have any residual hair it will add shine and softness!

And our third step is protect. We have two bald head moisturisers in the protect range, a Light Daily Moisturiser, or the Rich Daily Moisturiser.

The Light Daily Moisturiser is easily absorbed and contains vitamins B and E to help hydrate the scalp and protects it from everyday pollution and sun damage.

The Rich Daily Moisturiser is boosted with panthenol and hyaluronic acid to help repair tired and damaged skin, and it replaces firmness and strength to encourage smooth, flawless and hydrated skin.

Just like a routine for your face, this is a regime for your head. After all, the skin on the top of your head is skin too, and it needs nurturing and nourishing.

We understand both the challenges and joys of being bald. It’s saves on your hairdressing bill. But maybe increases your hat bill. Plus, there is the stigma of being bald, but we want to change that. Being bald is nothing to be ashamed of. It doesn’t need a ‘cure.’ Bald is wonderful. And our products are designed to meet the challenges and celebrate the best of baldness.

View the full skincare for bald heads range here.

The Bald Revolutionary’s Guide

by 14th August 2019

Philip Mercier (1689/91-1760): ”A SCENE FROM THE CARELESS HUSBAND” (1738)

In this scene from the popular 18th century play, Sir Charles Easy is found by his wife in a compromising situation with a maid. However, instead of being angry, Lady Easy worries that her husband may catch cold and gently covers his bare head. His loss of his wig was especially significant as it was considered shocking for a man to expose his naked shaven head.

Oil on canvas, York Art Gallery, UK.


For many, losing their hair can be a difficult and embarrassing experience. They will do anything to hang on to what hair they have or even try to replace lost hair.
Social pressures are strong, especially those driven by the strong marketing campaigns of companies praying on men’s insecurity around hair loss.  They offer hair replacement, regrowth and “systems”.


Truly, there really is no need for expensive (and often dubious) treatments and “remedies”.
If you notice yourself becoming bald know that there is no need for a “cure for baldness”.
Take control, be brave and let it happen, even help it on its way by shaving your head.
You will be surprised – surprised at the new confidence you will gain with your bald, clean look and new found attractiveness will mean you can hold your head high.


Join the revolution!


The natural look
New confidence
Clean plug holes in the shower tray
Useful rain gauge
Great bronzed look
Savings on hair cuts
Savings on hair products
No need for brushes and combs
No hairs or dandruff on your shoulders
Partner kissing your head
Famous bald men
New found virility
Quick to get ready to go out
No fuss
No hairdryer required
No hair tangles
No hair whipping your face when driving with the top down
Great wisdom
HEED skincare products to protect and nourish



Heavy weather – rain, snow, hail and sun
Vulnerability to low doorways
Beads of sweat not caught by hair
Hair transplant clinics
Being called a slap-head
Comb overs (called a bar code in Japan)
“hair systems”
Hair loss drugs
Wayne Rooney
Itchy wigs
Your boss ruffling your hair
Missing the feeling of the wind in your hair
Sun burn