Buddhism & Baldness

by 22nd September 2020

Some may only ever think of baldness through the modern lens, but baldness has been important throughout history to many different cultures! Historically, it has been associated with sacred religious practices, one notable example is Buddhism.

Buddhist monks shave their heads to symbolise their journey to enlightenment by distancing themselves from the material world and all of its distractions. It’s a required step in becoming a monk; one that proves their devotion to the faith. In sacred texts Buddha wrote, he laid out some strict rules on hair care, which involved no hair at all! That’s right, the Buddha himself was a huge advocate for baldness. It’s said that he reached enlightenment after he ran away from his life as a prince, leaving his high social class behind. One of the most important gestures he made during this process was cutting his hair, which officially detached himself from his material roots.

While we’re not suggesting you necessarily pack up to go live a life of solitude in the mountains, there is a lot to learn from Buddhist simplicity when it comes to baldness. Without hair to worry about, a person can focus on what really matters: nurturing self-confidence and happiness and taking care of the ones they love. Embracing baldness regardless of how others think, is an act of self-acceptance that will result in personal development which will resonates throughout your life!

Of course, this simplicity is only possible if you develop an effective skincare routine. Constantly worrying about which products to use or experiencing the side effects of poor scalp health really distracts from a sense enlightenment.

By introducing a simple but effective scalp skincare routine, you can reap the benefits of a worry free and hair free life!

Our mantra is: cleanse, nourish and protect your beautiful bald head.

See our full regime here.

Benefits of Baldness

by 10th September 2020

benefits of being bald

At Heed Skincare for Heads, we firmly believe that bald is beautiful!  However, besides looking great and feeling amazing, there are many other surprising advantages to baldness.  Here’s an inside scoop on some that you may not know!

Vitamin D On Bald Heads
According to ‘New Scientist’, baldness may give you an evolutionary advantage when it comes to soaking up those rays! Unprotected by a mop of hair, bald heads easily absorb Vitamin D from the sun, which can fight off illness associated with low levels of the vitamin.
Of course, this also means you have to protect your head from getting too much sunshine by using moisturiser from our skincare range and our recommended sunscreen product! A well cared for head is one that is perfectly positioned to get the most out of being outside and enjoying what life has to offer.

Going full bald shows confidence
A survey conducted by Social Psychological and Personality Science found that bald men are rated much more dominant and agreeable than their hairy headed counterparts. If the images were paired with phrases like “comb over” versus “bald” the perceptions of the men were overwhelmingly more positive if they were under the bald category. This just goes to show that embracing baldness is the way to go. The confidence you exude when you walk into a room with your head held high and being proudly bald will do you far more favours than if you shy away from it.

Baldness may help you in business
If you’re an entrepreneur, we have some good news. An article in the Wall Street Journal suggests that baldness can actually give you a leg up in business! As discussed above, baldness in men has been shown to result in people perceiving them as more mature, dominant, and possibly even more of a leader. These are all traits that may help you get that promotion you’re looking for! Another study suggested that male pattern baldness signals maturity and gravitas. So next time you’re in a big meeting or pitching an idea, remember that your bald head is on your side.

In summary
Now that we’ve discussed some upsides to being bald, it’s important to recognise that taking care of your skin is key to reaping the benefits of baldness. Our cleanse, nourish, and protect regime will have you feeling smooth and confident in no time!


How To Embrace Baldness

by 10th September 2020

how to embrace baldness

Here at HEED we understand that not everyone has a sense of exuberance about their hairless bonce.  However, we get it…We’ve been there… We’ve got the t-shirt!

Now we want all our fellow baldies to feel great about their appearance and feel confident on the inside as well as the outside. We say…“Never bend your head, always hold it high and look the world straight in the eye – a beautiful face needs space”. Let us help you banish any social stigmas, push insecurities aside and embrace baldness and become someone that makes you happy…With baldness comes greatness.

But wait, for those days when you do feel naff, follow these tips to get yourself back on track:

1. Follow Bald Influencers
If you are struggling with self-confidence as a bald-headed individual, it’s easy to sometimes feel isolated in your experience. While there is some amazing representation when it comes to bald celebrities and characters out there, (…like the amazing Gail Porter, the effervescent Patrick Stewart, the smouldering Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, or perhaps the animated Shrek!!) …it never hurts to fill your social media feeds with examples of beautiful baldness!

Seeing everyday folk living their lives proudly and joyfully with bald heads can do wonders for your self-confidence. If you like how they look and admire how confident they are, it’s easier to reflect those same positive thoughts back onto yourself. After all, it might get you thinking: If they can love themselves, why shouldn’t I?

One of our fave Instagram influencers, (and friend of HEED) is UK-based Jade Jarvis, also known as @Lifeonastrand – she’s a mother, blogger and has alopecia too. Jade celebrates her baldness with daily updates, skincare routines and product reviews.  September for Alopecia Awareness Month and Jade will be giving away amazing things during the month, so give her a follow. Jade’s also has a special code for her followers who will receive a 20% discount off all HEED Skincare for Heads during #AlopeciaAwarenessMonth. (*Discount code is valid in September and can’t be used in conjunction with any other offers). Remember it’s still FREE P&P at the moment too!!  Win Win!

2. Create a bald head skin care routine
When people think about a skin care routines and regimes, they think of ‘cucumbers on the eyes and face masks’ – but don’t forget the skin on your head as this is more delicate than on other places on your body. This vulnerability leaves you open to damage if you don’t take care of it. There is nothing that screams self-care quite like crafting a skincare routine that is all about giving your skin what it needs. Our products do just that!  Specifically blended to cleanse, nourish and protect your bald head, HEED Skincare does wonders when it comes to encouraging self-love. Knowing your head looks and feels it’s best gives you the confidence to walk into that room with your head held high feeling a-maze-ing!! Click to see full regime.

3. People are more accepting than you may think
Surveys show that a high percentage of the general public rate bald people as ‘more confident’ and ‘self-assured’ when they embrace their baldness, rather than attempting to cover up their hairless head. Sure, there are still the minority of morons who find it amusing to poke fun at bald folk – ignore those fools – believe there is good in this world. People are more accepting than you may think so you need to accept what is, let go of what was, and believe in what will be… Be the best version of you.

4. Embrace what makes you unique
Baldness happens for many reasons; some through choice, others arrive via a different rocky path. We aren’t prejudice how you’ve arrived at greatness. We are only concerned about helping you care for your bald head – That’s it.  Remember, diamonds are made under pressure so… no matter how you’ve got here or how you feel: get up, dress up, show up and never give up.
We’ve got it covered!

5. Those that don’t believe in magic will never find it – Roald Dahl
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Get the most out of your products

by 3rd September 2020

It may seem simple, but we want you to get the most out of your products and get the best from your routine. All HEED products can be used on your face and neck as well as your scalp, yes that’s right a real 3 in 1 product. It’s really that simple.

Our products are designed to cleanse, nourish and protect your skin and even though they can be used individually and still provide brilliant results we have identified the best way to use our full regime, so you can really look after yourself.



Step one: Cleansing head wash, dispense half to one teaspoonful onto clean hands, massage over the scalp, face and neck and then rinse thoroughly with warm water leaving a gentle spices and light refreshing scent. Please note, this product does not foam.




Step Two: Light Hydrating Serum, shake well before use, after cleansing dispense approximately one teaspoon into hands and massage gently onto scalp, neck and face. Allow to absorb into the skin before moisturising.  Cedarwood, sage, ylang ylang and neroli orange blossom essential oils can be found in this product to create the perfect scent.



Step three: Light and daily moisturiser, gently massage half a teaspoon into cleansed skin each morning or throughout the day if required.   The citrus fresh aromas and light weight cream replenishes, calms and cools the skin.




A little extra treat: Rich Daily moisturiser, we recommend this in the evening as it deeply nourishes the scalp. Following cleansing in the evening massage half to one teaspoon gently into the scalp, face and neck. Leaving the skin, replenished smooth and with a matte finish.


We hope this helps you get the most out of your regime.

?Everyone @ HEED.

Alopecia Awareness Month – 15% Discount During September

by 3rd September 2020

We know things have been tough during lockdown for so many, so taking care of your skin is so important. More time on your hands, means more time to be kind to yourself or someone you love.

September is #AlopeciaAwarenessMonth and it’s also “Bald Is Beautiful Day” on the 13th.  

With this in mind we are offering 15% Discount and #FREE Postage & Packaging on all HEED Skincare for Heads products, while stocks last.


This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your glorious bald head.  A beautiful face needs space! 

* This discount code is valid until 30th September and can’t be used in conjunction with other offers.

We are all about the benefits

by 27th March 2020

It’s important to know what we are putting onto our skin and even more important when this is on our head. All our products are full of ingredients that would help nourish your scalp, face and neck. What are these ingredients and what benefits will they have in your skincare? We’ve identified the main ingredients and their benefits here for you.

D- Panthenol – Provitamin B5:

Can be found in our light hydrating serum, light daily moisturiser and the rich nourishing moisturiser. This beneficial ingredient helps to reduce the amount of water lost throughout the skin to soften and soothe, keeping the skin healthy.

Vitamin E:

Daily our skin goes through a lot, weather its UV light, smoke and air pollution.  Vitamin E naturally works to neutralize all the environment stressors to help protect your skin. Vitamin E can be found within the light daily moisturiser and helps greatly with skin repair. Whilst protecting the skin it also reduces the amount of water lost through your skin to sooth and soften the skin. Who wouldn’t want that in their skincare regime?


Within our rich moisturiser and light hydrating serum you will find glycerine. Glycerine is gentle on the skin and attracts moisture, these gentle and moisturising properties make it a perfect ingredient for helping to look after your skin daily.

Aloe Vera:

Due to the high-water content this ingredient is hydrating, soothing and cooling, making this perfect for post head shave to relieve any skin irritation.  Aloe vera is within our light hydrating serum and cleansing head wash which we highly recommend these products as part of your routine. The benefits speak for themselves.

Witch Hazel:

With properties that help reduce skin irritation and aims to alleviate scalp sensitivity its clear to see why we include witch hazel in our head cleansing head wash.

All HEED products work perfectly in individually but for best results use follow our full regime. Take a look at our products here.