Sheree Goldsmith “No Hair Don’t Care” Reviews HEED

by 9th December 2020

Recently we put out feelers for volunteers to be HEED Skincare for Heads Product Testers and review our full skincare regime. One of the volunteers was Sheree Goldsmith  (@nohairdontcarexo) who submitted her online registration and was selected at random.

Sheree has Alopecia Universalis, which developed from Alopecia Areata about 4 years ago. She has finally learned to embrace herself and is using social media as a platform to break the stigma surrounding hair loss.

Sheree has been using all four HEED Skincare for Heads products in her daily routine for the past month and has kindly recorded her thoughts with honest appraisals for each product. We are so pleased that she loves the products as much as we do. Thank you Xx


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Jessica Harvey (@polefit_jess_alopecia) Reviews Heed Skincare for Heads

by 24th November 2020

Recently we put out feelers for volunteers to be HEED Skincare for Heads Product Testers and review our full skincare regime.

One of the volunteers was Jessica Harvey (@polefit_jess_alopecia) who submitted her online registration and was selected at random. We are so chuffed that she contacted us as her review is amazing and she looks and sounds amazing.

Jess has alopecia universalis and has had a form of alopecia since she was 15 years old. She managed to regain her confidence after hair loss through pole fitness. She now encourages and supports anyone with hair loss to get involved and participate in fitness to help with self-confidence and wellbeing.

Over the past month, Jess has been using all four HEED Skincare for Heads products in her skincare routine and has kindly recorded her thoughts with honest appraisals for each product.

We are really pleased with the results and so chuffed Jess loves the products as much as we do.

Thank you

Read Jess’ Alopecia Story: MY ALOPECIA STORY

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Talking Heed – What’s in a name?

by 23rd October 2020

HEED /hiːd/

To heed something is to listen to it, pay careful attention to it, or otherwise observe or acknowledge it in some way—and often to take action on it. … Heed can also be used as a noun meaning careful attention or observation.

HEED Skincare for Heads is a small creative independent business standing proud and holding our head held high in a world of big brands and multi-nationals!  HEED was conceived, crafted and manufactured in the North of England in 2018 by our founder and creator Martin Schwaller, (a retired sommelier, avid wine expert and writer…and the bald chap in this photo!)

The full range of products (four in total), are specifically blended to cleanse, nourish and protect the scalp on bald heads. Baldness happens for many reasons to both male and female; some through choice (shaved heads), others lose their hair naturally over time, and some arrive at baldness via a difficult rocky path (i.e. the results of illness, medical conditions or treatment). Each product is mildly scented so very suitable for both genders, which we very are keen to shout about.

From his soap box, Martin explains…“Bald doesn’t need a “cure”, bald is wonderful, and yet, it seemed that the only products available for bald people were negative and unnecessary. Never-the-less, as a bald person for many years I understand how bald heads do need looking after and protecting since they are so exposed to the elements, to pollution, and the ravages of modern life. Nothing was available to help so I decided it was high time our bald heads were treated with dignity, care and understanding. They needed looking after, we needed looking after…we needed some decent products to help us look after our heads.”

“Researching ingredients: essential oils, vitamins, base preparations and blends that benefit bald heads became a passion and many prototype products were developed, adjusted, discarded and built up again. The HEED range, which I’m very passionate and proud of, are offered without reservation. I understand the challenges and the joys of being bald. Our products are designed to meet those challenges and celebrate the best of baldness.”

All products can be used individually or as part of a daily care routine. They are effective for use on the face and neck, as well as being suitable to use through thinning hair. It’s worth noting that our Light Hydrating Serum soothes red skin, inflammation, minor cuts and sores that can be caused by shaving. Full spec and ingredients can be found on our website:

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that HEED Skincare for Heads was recently featured in The Telegraph Magazine (Sept 20) with the ‘Grooming Guru’, journalist Lee Kynaston reviewing our Rich Daily Moisturiser and in his own words “I love this range”.


>> Cleansing Head Wash
>> Light Hydrating Serum
>> Light Daily Moisturiser
>> Rich Daily Moisturiser

>> After Head-Shave Bundle
>> Full Regime

Video Reviews by Jade Jarvis >> WATCH <


What Causes Baldness?

by 28th September 2020

You’re standing in front of the mirror trying to figure out why your hairline is retreating. Is it job stress? Your child pulling on your locks to wake you up every morning? Possibly, but evidence suggests it’s more to do with your genes.

Hair loss affects both sexes: 50% of males and 25% of females experience balding, and whilst hair loss is more common in men, women experience more hair thinning than outright loss.

Sleeping hair follicles
Hair follicle growth occurs in cycles of growing, resting and falling out. In humans this cycle is quite long compared to other mammals – between two and six years. Baldness begins with a shorter growing phase of the hair follicles and a reduction in the size of the follicles, making the hairs less healthy and prone to falling out. Eventually, the follicles become dormant and stop producing hair altogether.

One commonly cited player causing this is dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a sex hormone derived from testosterone. During puberty, DHT helps men to develop body hair and a deep voice, and later in life maintains muscle mass and fertility.  Higher levels of DHT in the skin affects the hair growth cycle, shortening the growth phase and causing the follicles to gradually stop growing hair.

Men with male pattern baldness often have higher levels of DHT. Often, higher levels of DHT can be due to genetic variances in receptor of DHT and in the enzymes that produce DHT from testosterone.  But high DHT levels are not a definitive cause: men and women with baldness can also have normal or even lower levels of DHT and testosterone. Simply put, the cellular mechanisms that cause hair follicles to stop growing hair are not fully understood.

In women, hair loss is common with age and is common around menopause. Clearly, like in men, hormonal changes play a key role in balding, but it will take many years to find out the full story.

You get it from your mother’s side – or your father’s
There is a commonly repeated myth that baldness comes from your mother’s side. Possibly, but you’re just as likely to inherit it from your father, or both.

The genetics behind baldness are complex: over 200 genetic variances correlate with male pattern baldness, and we don’t know how these variances cause baldness.

But, correlation doesn’t mean causation – knowing what genetic variances you have doesn’t necessarily predict whether you’ll become bald or not. Indeed, it isn’t certain you’ll become bald if the menfolk in your family sit around the dinner table looking like eggs in an eggbox.

So what about factors such as stress and hair pulling? Indeed, chemotherapy, pregnancy, air pollution, stress and even Covid-19 can all play their part, and what about environmental factors? It is estimated that 80% of the variance of baldness is estimated to be genetic, with the remaining 20% being associated with environmental factors. It is tricky to nail down whether your lifestyle causes balding, but things like stress, air pollution, and even Covid-19 can possibly accelerate baldness if you are already genetic predisposed.

It seems, like most things in our lives, that baldness is an interplay between our genes and the environment, so thanking your kids or your boss for your baldness may only be partly deserved.

By Fred Schwaller PHd
Neuroscience Research Scientist (…and Martin’s son)



Buddhism & Baldness

by 22nd September 2020

Some may only ever think of baldness through the modern lens, but baldness has been important throughout history to many different cultures! Historically, it has been associated with sacred religious practices, one notable example is Buddhism.

Buddhist monks shave their heads to symbolise their journey to enlightenment by distancing themselves from the material world and all of its distractions. It’s a required step in becoming a monk; one that proves their devotion to the faith. In sacred texts Buddha wrote, he laid out some strict rules on hair care, which involved no hair at all! That’s right, the Buddha himself was a huge advocate for baldness. It’s said that he reached enlightenment after he ran away from his life as a prince, leaving his high social class behind. One of the most important gestures he made during this process was cutting his hair, which officially detached himself from his material roots.

While we’re not suggesting you necessarily pack up to go live a life of solitude in the mountains, there is a lot to learn from Buddhist simplicity when it comes to baldness. Without hair to worry about, a person can focus on what really matters: nurturing self-confidence and happiness and taking care of the ones they love. Embracing baldness regardless of how others think, is an act of self-acceptance that will result in personal development which will resonates throughout your life!

Of course, this simplicity is only possible if you develop an effective skincare routine. Constantly worrying about which products to use or experiencing the side effects of poor scalp health really distracts from a sense enlightenment.

By introducing a simple but effective scalp skincare routine, you can reap the benefits of a worry free and hair free life!

Our mantra is: cleanse, nourish and protect your beautiful bald head.

See our full regime here.

Benefits of Baldness

by 10th September 2020

benefits of being bald

At Heed Skincare for Heads, we firmly believe that bald is beautiful!  However, besides looking great and feeling amazing, there are many other surprising advantages to baldness.  Here’s an inside scoop on some that you may not know!

Vitamin D On Bald Heads
According to ‘New Scientist’, baldness may give you an evolutionary advantage when it comes to soaking up those rays! Unprotected by a mop of hair, bald heads easily absorb Vitamin D from the sun, which can fight off illness associated with low levels of the vitamin.
Of course, this also means you have to protect your head from getting too much sunshine by using moisturiser from our skincare range and our recommended sunscreen product! A well cared for head is one that is perfectly positioned to get the most out of being outside and enjoying what life has to offer.

Going full bald shows confidence
A survey conducted by Social Psychological and Personality Science found that bald men are rated much more dominant and agreeable than their hairy headed counterparts. If the images were paired with phrases like “comb over” versus “bald” the perceptions of the men were overwhelmingly more positive if they were under the bald category. This just goes to show that embracing baldness is the way to go. The confidence you exude when you walk into a room with your head held high and being proudly bald will do you far more favours than if you shy away from it.

Baldness may help you in business
If you’re an entrepreneur, we have some good news. An article in the Wall Street Journal suggests that baldness can actually give you a leg up in business! As discussed above, baldness in men has been shown to result in people perceiving them as more mature, dominant, and possibly even more of a leader. These are all traits that may help you get that promotion you’re looking for! Another study suggested that male pattern baldness signals maturity and gravitas. So next time you’re in a big meeting or pitching an idea, remember that your bald head is on your side.

In summary
Now that we’ve discussed some upsides to being bald, it’s important to recognise that taking care of your skin is key to reaping the benefits of baldness. Our cleanse, nourish, and protect regime will have you feeling smooth and confident in no time!