Jessica Harvey (@polefit_jess_alopecia) Reviews Heed Skincare for Heads

by in Beauty Products 24th November 2020

Recently we put out feelers for volunteers to be HEED Skincare for Heads Product Testers and review our full skincare regime.

One of the volunteers was Jessica Harvey (@polefit_jess_alopecia) who submitted her online registration and was selected at random. We are so chuffed that she contacted us as her review is amazing and she looks and sounds amazing.

Jess has alopecia universalis and has had a form of alopecia since she was 15 years old. She managed to regain her confidence after hair loss through pole fitness. She now encourages and supports anyone with hair loss to get involved and participate in fitness to help with self-confidence and wellbeing.

Over the past month, Jess has been using all four HEED Skincare for Heads products in her skincare routine and has kindly recorded her thoughts with honest appraisals for each product.

We are really pleased with the results and so chuffed Jess loves the products as much as we do.

Thank you

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