Not just any Bald Head Moisturiser

by in Beauty Products, Natural Cosmetics 28th November 2021
Martin with Heed Products

Bringing any new product to the market can be challenging, but we were determined to create amazing products and not just any old “bald head moisturiser.”

Using years of experience by creator Martin Schwaller from the wine and hospitality industry we knew there was still a gap in the market for a high-quality, subtle-smelling moisturiser for both bald heads and shaven heads. 

One of the challenges with moisturiser for bald heads is consistency. Often greasy and oily, which is not what anyone wants, but helps lower the cost. Heed Skincare has created 2 very effective moisturisers. One for daytime use, the other to be used at night.

Getting the right smell, consistency, and effectiveness was no easy task. Many versions were discarded, the end result is what we believe to be the best moisturiser for bald heads on the market today.

One type of client we didn’t necessarily realise would love our products so much were the young men and women choosing to shave their heads or have skin fade haircuts. Listening to clients they tell us this is the best way to fix “barber Itch” or “Skin fade rashes” in a hurry. 

What can we say? We are happy to help!

If you are looking for the best bald head moisturiser or great products for looking your best, visit our online store today!



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