The Bald Revolutionary’s Guide

by in Bald News 14th August 2019

Philip Mercier (1689/91-1760): ”A SCENE FROM THE CARELESS HUSBAND” (1738)

In this scene from the popular 18th century play, Sir Charles Easy is found by his wife in a compromising situation with a maid. However, instead of being angry, Lady Easy worries that her husband may catch cold and gently covers his bare head. His loss of his wig was especially significant as it was considered shocking for a man to expose his naked shaven head.

Oil on canvas, York Art Gallery, UK.


For many, losing their hair can be a difficult and embarrassing experience. They will do anything to hang on to what hair they have or even try to replace lost hair.
Social pressures are strong, especially those driven by the strong marketing campaigns of companies praying on men’s insecurity around hair loss.  They offer hair replacement, regrowth and “systems”.


Truly, there really is no need for expensive (and often dubious) treatments and “remedies”.
If you notice yourself becoming bald know that there is no need for a “cure for baldness”.
Take control, be brave and let it happen, even help it on its way by shaving your head.
You will be surprised – surprised at the new confidence you will gain with your bald, clean look and new found attractiveness will mean you can hold your head high.


Join the revolution!


The natural look
New confidence
Clean plug holes in the shower tray
Useful rain gauge
Great bronzed look
Savings on hair cuts
Savings on hair products
No need for brushes and combs
No hairs or dandruff on your shoulders
Partner kissing your head
Famous bald men
New found virility
Quick to get ready to go out
No fuss
No hairdryer required
No hair tangles
No hair whipping your face when driving with the top down
Great wisdom
HEED skincare products to protect and nourish



Heavy weather – rain, snow, hail and sun
Vulnerability to low doorways
Beads of sweat not caught by hair
Hair transplant clinics
Being called a slap-head
Comb overs (called a bar code in Japan)
“hair systems”
Hair loss drugs
Wayne Rooney
Itchy wigs
Your boss ruffling your hair
Missing the feeling of the wind in your hair
Sun burn

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