Talking Heed – What’s in a name?

by in Bald News 23rd October 2020

HEED /hiːd/

To heed something is to listen to it, pay careful attention to it, or otherwise observe or acknowledge it in some way—and often to take action on it. … Heed can also be used as a noun meaning careful attention or observation.

HEED Skincare for Heads is a small creative independent business standing proud and holding our head held high in a world of big brands and multi-nationals!  HEED was conceived, crafted and manufactured in the North of England in 2018 by our founder and creator Martin Schwaller, (a retired sommelier, avid wine expert and writer…and the bald chap in this photo!)

The full range of products (four in total), are specifically blended to cleanse, nourish and protect the scalp on bald heads. Baldness happens for many reasons to both male and female; some through choice (shaved heads), others lose their hair naturally over time, and some arrive at baldness via a difficult rocky path (i.e. the results of illness, medical conditions or treatment). Each product is mildly scented so very suitable for both genders, which we very are keen to shout about.

From his soap box, Martin explains…“Bald doesn’t need a “cure”, bald is wonderful, and yet, it seemed that the only products available for bald people were negative and unnecessary. Never-the-less, as a bald person for many years I understand how bald heads do need looking after and protecting since they are so exposed to the elements, to pollution, and the ravages of modern life. Nothing was available to help so I decided it was high time our bald heads were treated with dignity, care and understanding. They needed looking after, we needed looking after…we needed some decent products to help us look after our heads.”

“Researching ingredients: essential oils, vitamins, base preparations and blends that benefit bald heads became a passion and many prototype products were developed, adjusted, discarded and built up again. The HEED range, which I’m very passionate and proud of, are offered without reservation. I understand the challenges and the joys of being bald. Our products are designed to meet those challenges and celebrate the best of baldness.”

All products can be used individually or as part of a daily care routine. They are effective for use on the face and neck, as well as being suitable to use through thinning hair. It’s worth noting that our Light Hydrating Serum soothes red skin, inflammation, minor cuts and sores that can be caused by shaving. Full spec and ingredients can be found on our website:

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that HEED Skincare for Heads was recently featured in The Telegraph Magazine (Sept 20) with the ‘Grooming Guru’, journalist Lee Kynaston reviewing our Rich Daily Moisturiser and in his own words “I love this range”.


>> Cleansing Head Wash
>> Light Hydrating Serum
>> Light Daily Moisturiser
>> Rich Daily Moisturiser

>> After Head-Shave Bundle
>> Full Regime

Video Reviews by Jade Jarvis >> WATCH <


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