The Sweet Smell of Success

by in Bald News 7th November 2019

Martin Schwaller, the man behind HEED, has an interesting background, and one wouldn’t automatically involve him in the beauty industry, but when we share with you the reason why, it starts to make sense.

Martin is an experienced sommelier. What is a sommelier, we hear you ask? Someone who is an expert in wine, and to be an expert in wine, you need to have a great nose for distinctive smells.

Martin said, “at  wine tasting events, it is frowned upon for guests to wear strong smelling aftershaves or deodorants because the smells detract from the nose of the wines .” The smell of wine is one of the most important parts of the experience and good wines are full of a complex layering of aromas that work perfectly in harmony with each other.

On a personal note, Martin was beginning to gradually lose his hair and became aware that there was nothing on the market aimed at helping keep bald heads nourished and looked after and, that often men’s personal care products are crudely scented and often poor at what they claim to do. Finding good products for men was very difficult, especially for bald heads.

This led Martin to spend time using his expertise to develop HEED. Products that are;

  1. a great moisturising product especially for bald men and
  2. had a great natural smell. One where the aromas from the essential oils are balanced, in harmony and appealing to both men and women.

He decided to invest his time and energy in developing a brand that he would love to wear, working closely with an innovative development company over months, HEED was born.

And the rest (as they say) is history

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