Planning a charity head shave?

by in Bald News 13th September 2019

More and more people are shaving their heads. Whether it’s or aesthetic reasons, or because they’re taking control of their hair loss. Or some are shaving for charity.

Macmillan have a fundraising opportunity called Brave The Shave, where people shave their heads and get sponsored for this! Macmillan support those living with cancer, and a common effect of cancer treatment is hair loss. We at HEED are also wanting to help make a difference to those, so we regularly donate to Cancer Research UK.

In this blog, we’re delighted to talk to Jesse Stott, Business Centre Co-Ordinator at the University Business Centre in Halifax, who recently did a charity head shave, and loves her new do!

Why did you decide to do a charity head shave?
I saw it online one day (Brave The Shave) and Macmillan had been AMAZING with some of my close family and friends.  It also seemed like a quick and easy way to pay back, so to speak.  Every now and again I take on big challenges, and it was just time.  I signed up and then began telling people and they all thought I was crazy, so I did get a tad nervous then but ended up just thinking ‘sod it’ and focussing on how nice it would feel in summertime on holidays (it felt ACE).

Do you like having a shaved head? Has it been a surprise or do you want your hair to grow back?
I am so surprised – I LOVE IT! I’m no supermodel but I am lucky enough to be confident in myself, and if anything, sporting a shaved head for Macmillan actually made me feel MORE confident – less compromised in a way. I’ve never been very good at ‘having’ or ‘doing’ hair so I am seriously thinking about keeping my head shaved and investing in a couple of wild ‘special occasion’ wigs.

Have you noticed anything with the quality of skin on your head? Have you just kept using shampoo or have you done anything differently to your skincare routine?
I previously would get light flaking and sores on my head especially when stressed.  I was worried that these would show but luckily, they haven’t and if anything the condition of the skin on my head is better, and even my facial complexion too.  Previously I had shoulder length very fine hair which needed washing daily and thus blow drying etc – was such a faff.  And if one day was a bad hair day it would really really affect my mood.  Now there are only good head/hair days and the rest is up to me and my face – it’s so so liberating.  Also – I can now get ready to go out in 10mins, whereas previously it was a slog every morning, so I’m even getting more sleep in.

Do you have any tips for others who are thinking of shaving their heads?
DO IT!!  Tell people you’re going to do it, and if possible do it for a cause.  You’ll open up so many conversations with people and will realise that it’s an honour to have the choice to shave your head so DO IT, ENJOY IT, ROCK IT!!!


We have a few tips of our own when it comes to shaving your head for charity, and the aftercare for your skin.

Do some research about it all!
It can be quite daunting, especially if you have long hair to begin with, so do some research about it. How will your hair look after 2 weeks or regrowth? How about a month? Talk to others who have done it! If you’re unsure about showing off your bald head, or hair regrowth, why not rock a headscarf? A jaunty hat? A wig? (as realistic or as crazy as you dare!)

No regrets!
Write a mantra, remind yourself why you took the plunge and shaved. Was it to raise money for charity? Was it to have a new look? Being bald is wonderful, and soon you’ll embrace the bald, just like Jesse did!

Take care of your scalp
Well, as a skincare for bald head range, we’re going to say this.
But it’s true! Your scalp skin is thinner than your other skin, and if it’s newly exposed to the elements and pollution, it will become dry, maybe flaky, and it will not look good. So, just like your face, you need to use skincare for your scalp! Our range of skincare for bald heads is perfect, with a cleansing head wash, nourishing serum and protecting moisturisers we’ve got your head care sorted! You can see them here

Well done if you are planning to do it, and we hope you can raise a fantastic amount of money for a great cause!
And remember to embrace the bald!

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