Planning a charity head shave?

by in Bald News 13th September 2019

More and more people are shaving their heads. Whether it’s or aesthetic reasons, or because they’re taking control of their hair loss. Or some are shaving for charity. Macmillan have a fundraising opportunity called Brave The Shave, where people shave their heads and get sponsored for this! Macmillan support those living with cancer, and a […]

The Bald Revolutionary’s Guide

by in Bald News 14th August 2019

Philip Mercier (1689/91-1760): ”A SCENE FROM THE CARELESS HUSBAND” (1738) In this scene from the popular 18th century play, Sir Charles Easy is found by his wife in a compromising situation with a maid. However, instead of being angry, Lady Easy worries that her husband may catch cold and gently covers his bare head. His […]